Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the new blog where we will be sharing and updating you on what is happening at Gifts In The Post.

We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts about on our small business, we will share as much as we can about how we operate behind the scenes and what we stand for as a business.

So firstly, we would like to share our story of how our small business was born.
The business is run by myself, I'm Lisa and my husband, Mark.
I own and run a small beauty studio and I have been a beauty therapist for almost 22yrs. I have been in the beauty industry for half of my life, and I never thought I would do anything else! I love everyday I'm in work, that when I'm in work that is! 2020 has been so challenging for almost everyone and the beauty industry has been no exception. On the 16th March 2021 the salon would of been closed 7 months out of 12!!

The lockdowns of 2020 just left me shell-shocked with the feeling of huge frustration that the salon had no way of diversifying during these lockdown periods.
On the 19th December 2020 the salon was forced to close it doors yet again due to another lockdown. This left me with a lot of Christmas retail stock, I decided to made up gift packs from this stock and sell to clients online. My clients snapped them up! And then this got me thinking, could this be a way for the salon to diversify??

During a time when stay at home was the message, #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness and shopping online became the norm I felt this would be a great way to change the business slightly. So at the start of January 2021 my husband and myself started our research into what we would need to set up a new business selling pamper gift boxes.
We bought a small amount of stock and a few gift boxes and they all sold within a week! So we restocked and kept on going!
Fast forward two months and our new little business is growing week on week. Many of our first sales were from my fabulous clients, they have been so very supportive and for that we will be for very grateful, they really helped a new business get off the ground!

We now receiving orders from all over the UK and we have also shipped to Spain!

Now for a bit from behind the scenes. Is this business mostly run by me? Not at all, but we do have very different roles my husband and myself.
With my knowledge of beauty products I careful curate the gift boxes by choosing the best most affordable products. And I do most of our social media.
My husbands role has been completely transforming my daughters old bedroom (god I hope she never want to return home, I dont know where she will sleep!) he is also does all of our box building, these boxes all come flat packed and have to be individually assembled. This is something that takes time, patients and lots of paper cuts! My husband also does some of the post office runs and unpacks our deliveries to re stock our shelves. He also likes to be referred to as the "Ideas guy!" always makes me laugh that does :)
Seriously though unlike working alone at the salon it really is lovely to work as part of a team.

So what are our core values of the business?
"To make someone feel special and thought of" Its as simple as that!
After almost 22 years of treating clients I learnt it is not just the treatment the client comes into the salon for, its the care I take to make them feel special. A that is what ensures they leave the salon with a smile on they face. We want to ensure the same feeling is passed onto our customers and their gift box recipients.
We always want to make a visitor to our website feel valued, and to make their visit an enjoyable one. We will accommodate their request as much as possible. And of course we want the gift recipient feel special by sending them a beautiful gift box that someone has taking time to order.

And now after almost two months of trading, we have received amazing feedback from both customers and recipients of our gift boxes, a big thank you to everyone who leaves us a review. Reviews really do make a huge difference to a new small business!

Plans for the coming year? Just keep going! I am hopeful the salon will re open within the next month or two and Mark continues to work his full time job. And we will continue to run our business alongside.

We will be looking to creating some lovely new gift boxes and introducing new products.

We will be updating our blog on a regular basis, please keep in touch on our social media or via email with any questions or requests you may have but thats all for now, wishing you a very safe and happy March

Lisa & Mark

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